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Like One of the Family

Paperback Edition

Claire Shannon, the child of a broken marriage, experiences happiness for the first time when drawn into the warmth of the McArdle's family circle. She shares their hopes and dreams, is included in all of their family outings. The mother is kindly and careful of her but the father abuses her and she becomes pregnant. Later, as consequences unfold, a double tragedy occurs in the family. In its aftermath she believes her childhood secret is buried and forgotten... until she falls in love with Terry, son of the man who abused her.

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'Tuomey wastes no time pushing the boundaries of the sensitivities of recent Irish social history'
Evening Herald

'This is a remarkable tale - although the book is primarily a love story, its theme is one of sexual abuse compounded by tragedy. All the ingredients of a best seller'
The Examiner

'Moving and memorable, this page-turner is one you will not be able to put down. Sensitive, powerfully written and one of the best books by an Irish author this year'
Alice Sheridan Commuting Times

Up Up and Away

Paperback Edition

She is a typical Irish beauty, a dark Rosaleen of poetic fancy but there the resemblance ends for Kay Martin is very much a girl of the sixties. Her ambition is to become an air hostess and when she gets her chance, in the words of her pragmatic Aunt Molly, she throws up her 'secure, pensionable job to go skiting off on planes.' Against the glamorous background of Celtic Airways is Kay's passionate love for Captain Graham Pender - a love that grows fiercer as the tensions surrounding them increase.

Prices from €8
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'Since Tuomey was herself an air hostess, we can only presume that nude swims with devastatingly attractive pilots are the order of the day. Sexy and romantic, this is the perfect holiday read'
Image Magazine

'A gripping behind the scenes peek at the glamorous world of air hostesses and pilots - you won't notice time passing with this one'
Woman's Way

'The perfect airport book'
In Dublin

'A good all-round romance in mile-high territory'
RTE Guide

Writing about Flying

I like to bring flying into the novels I write and I have lots of books about flying on my shelves.

"Next one in Brussels, Nesta" ~ Minister Tom Kitt

In Baldonnel, for publicity purposes on the publication of my second novel 'Like One Of The Family' I had the thrill of sitting into the Marchetti SF260, the Air Corps' basic elementary trainer, and imagining what it would be like to fly it!


My reason for being there - my character, Terry McArdle was a cadet in the Air Corps and learned to fly the piston-engined Marchetti, before joining the Corps' Helicopter SAR team.