I hope you will enjoy my website and when you have finished exploring it you will know what it was that first inspired me to write and, indeed, encouraged me to keep on writing.

My blog posts are on a variety of subjects, some humorous, others more serious, on all aspects of the craft of writing fiction, short stories as well as novels, along with the challenges encountered along the way.

Writing is not a very sociable pastime and much of the time, when not looking after a house and family, is spent in solitary occupation, hidden away from distractions and hopefully interruptions. Very apt for writers is the line from John Milton's poem Lycidas 'To scorn delights and live laborious days' which about describes what a dedicated writer must do to succeed. But It's always a bright spot in my day to hear from readers so please feel free to use the contact page to comment on my books or my blog. I'd love to hear from you.

Holding Pattern

Kindle Edition

Married on the rebound, air hostess Kay Martin, is shocked to discover her former lover, Captain Graham Pender, believed dead in a Colombo plane crash some years earlier, is alive and being held hostage in the Ceylonese jungle.

After being rescued, Graham returns to Ireland and flying, and meets up again with Kay on stopover in New York. They find they still love each other and, in the aftermath of a failed Cuban hijack out of Kennedy Airport, passions run high in the Miami Hotel and they become lovers. Their love affair and Graham's career end abruptly when he receives a summons to appear in the Colombo court to face terrorist charges.

Kay finding herself pregnant with Graham's child and fearing she will lose custody of her baby daughter if her husband learns the truth, loses hope in herself and Graham ever sharing a life together, and ends the relationship. When some years later the couple are thrown together again by the growing friendship between Kay's vivacious nine year old and the Pender family it seems there might be another chance of love but not without further setbacks, even tragedy.

Like One of the Family

Kindle Edition

A moving, heart-wrenching tale. Primarily a love story it's theme is sexual abuse compounded by tragedy, in the aftermath of which the family struggles to come to terms with the shocking events and to recover from the trauma.

Up Up and Away

Kindle Edition

An airline romance, an irresistible attraction, an illicit affair. Kay Martin has always wanted to become an air hostess, her ambition is realized when she is accepted for hostess training by Celtic Airways.

The Mask and Other Stories

Kindle Edition

Stories of modern Irish women. Sensual and stirring poignant and romantic.

The Straw Hat and Other Stories

Kindle Edition

Rural short stories, nostalgic and insightful, humorous and inspiring.

Award Winning Author

Nesta Tuomey is the author of three novels, Holding Pattern (Published by Deland Publications), Up Up and Away (published by Emperor Publishing) and Like One of the Family (published by Mount Eagle Publications) and two collections of previously published short stories The Mask including two prize-winning short stories 'Ashes' winner of the John Power at Listowel Writers Week and 'Menomadness' winner of the Image/Oil of Ulay short story competition. The Straw Hat contains stories of love, ambition and rivalry in rural Ireland.

Many of Nesta's short stories have been broadcast on BBC and have appeared in magazines and newspapers, and a number of anthologies, including In the Shadow of the Red Queen and Listowel Writers Week 25 award-winning short stories. Nesta is also a playwright and written radio and stage plays as well as seventeen radio documentaries. Her one-act play Whose Baby won the O.Z Whitehead Play competition in 1996. Her full length stage play Country Banking was short-listed for the Irish Times Women's Play Competition in 1982 . Member of Irish PEN and former Treasurer and Secretary. She lives in Dundrum, Co. Dublin with her husband.